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There are few places better than India today if you have an idea in the tech space and want to monetize it. The success of companies like MindTree, MuSigma and ThoughtWorks has brought into focus the exploding Indian Technical Entrepreneur scene. If you have a bright idea for a Services based offering and would like to try and soar then Clarion Venture Partners could well be the partner for you.

We know the doubts that you have that are holding you back from taking that first step:

How will I take care of my personal financial obligations till I get off the ground?

How do I navigate the obstacle course that is setting up and managing a company?

When I am responsible for running my own show who can I turn to for advice at the critical juncture?

I am an expert at the technology but how do I address the other critical aspects that go into making a successful company - HR, Recruitment, Finance and Sales?

How can I afford the physical and technical infrastructure costs?

This is where we can help.

We are Clarion Venture Partners - an Angel Investor with a unique approach. We have helped companies like yourself with:

Funds to get your Technical Services based business off the ground

Mentoring and Coaching from people who have successfully been through similar journeys

A state of the art infrastructure and support eco-system that lets you focus on the core of your business idea while providing you world class backing.

If you have a Services Based business idea nagging away at you then contact us now - we will help it see the light of day and help you join the growing tribe of tech entrepreneurs gracing the covers of business magazines!

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