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Angels Who Seed Your Venture- Who’s Got The Money?

In a previous post we listed several needs your start-up may want to explore seeking external funding to be able to address. Be it for infrastructure, organization building or hiring it is fairly certain that when you need money the need will make itself felt loud and clear!While there exist several mechanisms for the founder to raise funds let us look at those that primarily allow the securing of additional funds against some kind of equity stake accruing to the investor. In this post let us outline the stages of funding and the kind of organizations that make it their business to fund start-ups at that stage. read more >>

Content Marketing

Don’t Be Content – Create Content

Regular visitors here will remember a post from a while ago where we had touched upon the benefits of social media for start-ups. Among the terms referenced there was “Content Marketing” – a growing move to create informative and engaging content and make it available in the forums likely to be frequented by your prospective customers. The feedback the post drew would suggest there is sufficient interest out there to warrant a closer look at this. read more >>