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Fighting Fit – The Lean Startup

For a startup management methodology that officially only saw light of day in 2011 the growth of “The Lean Startup” movement has probably outstripped its most successful practicing startups. Familiar names like DropBox, Grockit and Aaardvark swear by the methodology and there are Lean Startup Circles in nearly 100 cities across 17 countries. Clearly this has transcended beyond just the management fad of the day to a bona-fide management philosophy. For those following this blog who have wondered what the “Lean Startup” is all about but didn’t know who to ask – why didn’t you ask us ? read more >>

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Arun Nathani’s 7 Rules For Startups and 1 For Large Organizations

Entrepreneurs and founders are nothing if not hungry. This hunger extends to a voracious appetite for good advice in how to grow and scale their startup. The TiE Pune MyStory video we came across has so much of this meat that it should not be ignored. The series of videos captures a session where Arun Nathani the CEO of Cybage talked of how he built Cybage and some key truths he learnt along the way. Coming from someone who has grown a software services company of close to 5000 people the advice is well worth taking. read more >>