Monthly Archives: September 2014


One Little Startup Went To Market

In a previous post we had written about the first steps you as a startup founder can take to get sales started. Now that you’ve tapped your extended network and successfully chased to closure those first few lucky breaks that found you rather than the other way around what next? It’s time for you to start putting together a structured Go-To-Market strategy – don’t count on luck staying around for much longer. read more >>


Our Story On YourStory.Com

Regular followers of this blog would have noted among our archived posts references to several key functional areas and how these specifically impact the growth aspirations of startups. As an Angel and Seed fund positively biased towards first time entrepreneurs we have seen the journey of several startups and would-be startups at close range and this colours what we write about. Recently our Executive Director, Rashmi Khurana, wrote a piece on, India’s most popular knowledge sharing platform for Entrepreneurs and startups. The piece referenced some of our most popular blogs to date. read more >>