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6 Startup Essentials You Thought Were Only For Big Companies

Admit it dear startup founder – the green eyed monster does stir to life every so often when you see those big company guys with their shiny new toys. The truth is those dazzling tools of their trade, the “customer experience” centers and their fancy demo softwares are designed to impress the client (& their smaller competitors). That being said this post is about some things you thought were for big companies only but are actually essential for your little start up too. read more >>

Technical Startups

Let A Hundred (or Thousand) Services Startups Bloom

The good news is India’s startup climate has never been better. The environment for an entrepreneurial adventure is fed by a growing domestic market, more venture capitalists creating a robust funding system, a huge talent pool excited at the idea of being a part of a startup and entrepreneur-friendly government policies. Several twenty-something entrepreneurs have taken their small tech startups and built it into companies with billion dollar valuations. read more >>


Women Entrepreneurs in India – Creating their own opportunity

“The Glass ceiling that once limited a woman’s career path has paved a new road towards business ownership, where women can utilize their sharp business acumen while building strong family ties.” -Erica Nicole (Owner of YFS Magazine)

It is hard to ignore the presence of women in the workplace today. According to NASSCOM, in the Indian IT industry women now account for 30% of the total workforce. However, it is still quite disappointing to see the abysmally low numbers of women in the top echelons of most companies. read more >>