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Value of Ethics in Business

The Business Value of Being Ethical for Indian Startups

By all accounts, India has seen 100’s, perhaps 1000’s of technology-enabled startups. There is a lot of money also riding on this movement, $3.5 billion through funding in the first half of 2015 by some accounts. The number of active investors has increased from being 220 in 2014 to 490 in 2015. While these numbers bode well for the Indian startup scene, there were some names that got into controversies and faced trouble too. Reports of clouds surrounding the founders and management of prominent food delivery startup, Foodpanda, and eCommerce retailer, Jabong, emerged and no one is betting against more such instances emerging in the days to come. read more >>

Smart Cities in India

Smart Cities – A Great Opportunity For Startups?

We live in a world buzzing with startup-driven innovation. In every corner of the world, innovators put together new ideas and execute them to solve the problems faced by man on a daily basis. While innovation is taking place in all areas and categories, the next big engine set to drive innovation is the growing “Smart Cities” movement. India is at the forefront of this revolution in many ways and Indian startups look set to cash in. read more >>

Indian Startup

5 Things Indian Startups Have Got Very Wrong

The Indian startup ecosystem has had its shares of highs and lows over the last couple of years. Startups such as Zomato flourish and then go on a spree of cutting back on employee strength. We saw Flipkart in the news everyday with bigger and bigger dollar numbers to report and then come to point where they had to take measures for cost-cutting. Apart from these major events, there are a lot of startups that keep popping up in the country and then sinking out of sight without making an impact. read more >>