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Will GST Reshape The Future of Indian Start-ups?

The GST rollout from July 1st, 2017 onwards is among the biggest tax reforms post-independence in 1947. This bold initiative is expected by many to bring about a dramatic change in the Indian economy. Taking the positive view, we believe that Indian startups have a lot to gain post implementation of GST. A greatly streamlined process and a unified tax regime that makes conducting business simpler and easier than before all lie in store. read more >>

civil and criminal laws for startup

Stay Safe Startup Founders – Know Your Civil & Criminal Liabilities

According to empirical data on Indian startups, more than 70% of the start-up companies are doomed to sink just like Titanic. In that scenario, a key risk could become the lack of knowledge about the civil and criminal liabilities of the Indian start-up founder. The StayZilla case, where the founder found himself incarcerated because of what was essentially non-payment of some vendor dues has brought stark attention to this issue. Clearly, neglecting basic government laws carries with it not only a risk to the business but in some specific cases a personal risk to the well-being of the founders and management too. read more >>

venture capital

The Top 5 Ways to Grab a VC’s Attention

Isn’t it true that ‘Attention’, like fines, is infuriating to pay? It’s one of those things we expect people to pay to us – right?

Among the questions which trouble most entrepreneurs is how to grab the attention of the venture capitalist? Of all those startups that pitch to a VC for funding, less than 2% companies receive the funds from a VC. Clearly, when the mind is preoccupied with valuations, stake caps, ROI, and other factors the decision could swing on the smallest thing. read more >>