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International Interest in Indian Startups

The Growing International Interest In The Indian Startup Scene

By most accounts, in recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem has taken off. Entrepreneurs and innovators are coming up with variations of brilliant ideas which have made a mark and changed the dynamics of various industries nationwide, as well as across the globe. Between the years 2010 and 2104, the infusion of Venture Capital and Private Equity rose from $ 13 million to $1,818 million. Angel investment has multiplied almost 8 times from $4.2 million in 2010 to $32.2 million in 2014. And this trend is only going to grow in the coming years. According to a study by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, companies in India are expected to raise up to $100 billion of capital in the next three years. read more >>

Founder and Cofounder

How many founders is too many?

Let’s start with a story.

Once upon a time, there were five friends who came up with a brilliant idea. That got their entrepreneurial juices pumping and after a lot of hard work that involved making business plans, doing the market research, securing funding and hiring the right people, their idea became a reality and they had a business of their own. Initially, all was as it should be, people were working hard, the sales began to increase and the money slowly, but steadily, started trickling in. read more >>


Terrific Testing – The Tesific Story

With the emergence of new technologies, the software testing market is undergoing a surge of transformation as well. As products become increasingly customer centric, the role of testing becomes, even more, important. According to Gartner, organizations are allocating 52% of their IT budgets towards Testing and Automation. In fact, software testing is climbing up so high in the priority ladder that Nelson Hall estimates that the market size of the software testing market will cross USD $34 billion in the near future. read more >>


Incubators – Helping Startups Hatch Better Plans For Longer Than You Think!

Business Incubators have been around in one form of the other since 1959 but the model is always evolving to keep pace with the changing needs of the startups they serve. From the early incubators offering shared office space and facilities with some basic administrative support today’s incubators also provide access to more business critical support and, as in the case with Clarion Venture Partners, active mentorship & advice. read more >>


Angels Who Seed Your Venture- Who’s Got The Money?

In a previous post we listed several needs your start-up may want to explore seeking external funding to be able to address. Be it for infrastructure, organization building or hiring it is fairly certain that when you need money the need will make itself felt loud and clear!While there exist several mechanisms for the founder to raise funds let us look at those that primarily allow the securing of additional funds against some kind of equity stake accruing to the investor. In this post let us outline the stages of funding and the kind of organizations that make it their business to fund start-ups at that stage. read more >>


The need for funding – An objective look

The shift from that regular paycheck to becoming an entrepreneur is a giant leap in itself. Moving away from that security cover takes months of planning, and most of that planning is monetary in nature. While you might have built cash reserve to tide you personally through the first phase of your entrepreneurial journey, you need to take a pragmatic look at the cash reserves for your fledgling venture as well. read more >>